Creating Medical Device Professionals

Working in a highly regulated field requires continuous application of technical and regulatory knowledge. There are many requirements to meet before placing a device on the market.

The Regulatory Obligation

Ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of medical devices is paramount. Medical device training is crucial for staff to keep updated with changing regulations and to ensure that the right compliance processes are in place. With the pace of medical device innovation increasing and market space tightening, success in the device sector is dependent on knowledge-based development, manufacturing and commercialization strategies with business management consultant and other useful services.

According to a skills gap study by Deloitte Consulting LLP, shortages and skills deficiencies the medical device industry are having significant impact on a manufacturer’s ability to expand operations and improve productivity.

Source: Philadelphia Business
Journal, Medical device skills training for entry-level workers: Help is on the way, 16th June 2015.

Why Choose Semoegy?

Semoegy provides training courses specifically designed or relevant to the medical device industry. Our courses are delivered by experienced instructors with a track record in the device sector. Our focus in education and knowledge means that we aim to help medical device businesses achieve their regulatory and commercial goals.

Class and e-learning courses

Our training courses are available both in the class and e-learning formats. This flexible option of learning methods ensures uninterrupted access to medical device education.

Information resource

To back our training courses, Semoegy provides guideline resources in easy-to-understand and accessible formats to enhance adoption of regulatory principles and best practices, improve compliance, encourage continuous improvement, and promote understanding of the medical device sector.

Semoegy’s information resource will provide a quick but comprehensive glimpse into regulations to empower staff in independent decision-making and facilitate team discussions.

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